**** DONE: GB-58 1/72 He219 - Night Fighters all Eras

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Oct 22, 2019
User name: Wildsau
First name : Walter
Category: Intermediate
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Dragon
Model type: He219-A7
Extras: Eduard Pe sets

Hello everyone I'm a little late to the party but will put some pictures up very soon.
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Whilst the surface detail is nice its not up to modern moulds so I am riveting the whole plane. There aren't too many panel lines missing so that's a plus.

So far I have finished the fueselage and the top side of the wings. If I didn't do this I think I would have finished the kit by now.:rolleyes:


Also worked on the side wall of the cockpit.

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I love this plane but the 3 times that I have tried to assemble it, the three times I have had problems and I have had to abandon the assembly...
A4K I built this when I started modelling a few years ago and I don't recall having had any trouble with the build and that was as a first timer. Each to to their own I guess but my suggestion would be to go for it.
What were the issues Sergio? I nearly started this kit for this GB myself...
Evan my big friend I'm the problem, the ally of problem my hands.
The last one was the one I have in the forum the one that the cat messed me up.
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Yes ambitious or perhaps a little crazy. Going through this process leads you down a rabbit hole. You start to pick errors, determining whether it's in the mould or the reference material is sometimes difficult to ascertain.

I wonder how accurate Kagero publication on this aircraft is. Anyway here is the main parts completed.


I have this pe that will go in the undercarriage bays is this meant to be left unpainted?


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