**** DONE: GB-59 1/48 USN SB2U-3 - WW2 PTO V

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Ralph Haus

Tech Sergeant
Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Username: Ralph Haus
First name: Ralph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Academy
Model: USN SB2U-3 (kit 12324
Scale: 1:48

Choice made. Will do this USN entry, BuNo. 2045, James M. Marmande, VMS-241, Midway Island, 4 June 1942.

And the kit:

SB2U-3 Box Art.JPG

Spru details are good especially the cockpit area. However, reading some of the posts from older Accurate Miniature builds (seems like Academy picked up the tooling in 2018? but didn't make any improvements!) there are some warts that need addressing, but easy enough to do; ejector pin marks and such. But many cautioned on their fragility.

The cockpit details are shown below, but puzzling, why the details on the obverse sides? But it may be like most modeling, the builder knows its there?

cockpit detail.jpg
cockpit obv.jpg

gunner pit detail.jpg
gunner pit obv.jpg

Engine should look impressive as well

Engine Spru.jpg
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Nice choice Ralph, hopefully not too many ejector marks to sort out....
I'll just be careful on how I take the photo shots. Lots of em and some still showing after sanding and then paint. Dry fitting major pieces also exposing some issues. Hope the putty tubes hold out!
Worked on some of the cockpit bits. Much detail and no clue on what, or how, to paint? The only real reference I have for colors are the photo collections from the Pensacola Naval Museum craft. Not many show the deep in details or colors; I suppose due to limitations of photo access and interests. So I did 'wing' a few details. But like the real one these details will be buried and hard to see. Still need to apply a weathering wash of something to give the cockpit a 'used' appearance. The instrument panel has a decal set that is supposed to be applied to the back of the panel (it is molded clear), but the dials are black faced and do not match the smaller panel openings in the front. Will probably not apply, won't see them anyway.

cockpit bits2.jpg

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