**** FINISHED: GB-59 1/48 USN SB2U-3 - WW2 PTO V

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Ralph Haus

Tech Sergeant
Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Username: Ralph Haus
First name: Ralph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Academy
Model: USN SB2U-3 (kit 12324
Scale: 1:48
A honor to build as a tribute to James M. Marmande who was lost during his return to Midway Island. In a way a fun build, especially the cockpit details. However I am relieved to move this off the build bench, onto the display shelves, and begin something new.

The required photos:

SB2U-3 Port F.JPG

SB2U-3 Port R.JPG

SB2U-3 Starboardt F.JPG

SB2U-3 Starboard R.JPG

SB2U-3 Front.JPG

SB2U-3 Top.JPG

SB2U-3 Bottom.jpg

SB2U-3 Bottom2.jpg

And a couple of lower angle shots:

SB2U-3 Starboard F 2.JPG
SB2U-3 Port F 2.JPG
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Photo section edited....bottom view(s) added. And yess, the wheel on the starboard side is wonky. This is the one that broke off 4 times . I did, after this last bottom photo adjust, but not going to go back and do a new photo shoot.

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