Dornier Do-17, Do-215, Do-217 super web site

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Nov 29, 2004
Houston, TX
Hello all! :)

A debate on the forum of a popular game site ( discussed the early Luftwaffe bombers. Compared to the he-111 and Ju-88, the Do-17 was really blasted as a crap aircraft.

So I started looking around and read up what few books I had on it.

I discovered it was a MUCH better aircraft then popular belife is, and most general books on bombers only have very little and sometimes incorrect information on it. Worse, nearly all web sites have some errors in what is said about it!

So, I decided to make an detailed and accurate web site about this much ignored major player in WW2, and to help game companines make accurate models, not just of the Do-17, but also He111 and Ju-88 (I have discovered many interesting facts about them as well).

The Do-17 and Do-215 are actually the exact same aircraft and the web site mostly concentrates on these two (and is only 2/3 finished). I recently started to expand to the Do-217, so very little information exists on it for now. I will be adding more as I have time.

And now I present the site!
The Do-17 Uber website!!
IN 1939-40 the 17 was a very capable bomber compared to others.

Yes, the 217 is much better, but its was fieled starting in 41.

That is what I am getting at. IN 39-40, the Do-17 was a really good bomber (tm).

I have just started expanding on the 217, so very little is in it now.

Down here, our owls go 'morepork, morepork'...[true!!]

Thanks Frantish, excellent site, anything that can broaden one's knowledge in WWII Aviation is welcomed in my book....


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