DVD and Video Movies on the subject Air+War.

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If you want some interesting film for your collection try this, 6hrs 20mins long double DVD with some until now unreleased footage including Beufighters of coastal command giving a convoy one hell of a paste-ing and lancs tall boying the Tirpitz and U-boat pens but there's loads of great tiffy libs, mossies stuff ect,ect all done in the chocks away style, but thats is the only draw back


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I also like, one of our aircraft is Missing with ronald coleman googie withers. and target for tonight - I like most of the films you all mentioned, however i personally prefer the documentary type factual ones best.

Theres a few other good DVD's out now in the Royal Airforce at War series. ones already been mentioned, but the others are Called "The Unseen Films" some of the films on them are run of the mill, but there are a lot of real gems in there with great quality RARE footage!!!.
All contain information films as listed below.


DvD no1 - 1940
BITS OF OUR AIRCRAFT ARE MISSING: A dramatised warning against stealing parts from crashed RAF aircraft. - (GOOD)

DISCIPLINE AND MORALE: An explanation of the RAF command structure and why discipline is considered so vital to the effectiveness of the RAF.

ENEMY INTERROGATION OF PRISONERS: A dramatised warning to airmen showing the fate that may befall them if captured. (V.GOOD)

GUN TURRET DRILL (THE FRASER NASH TURRET): A detailed instruction film for front rear gunners on Wellingtons. (EXCELLENT!!)

THE BOULTON PAUL TURRET: rare instruction film, showing the arming, maintainance operation of the turret on the Defiant fighter. (EXCELLENT!!!)

LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD: a Cartoon showing the the effects of o2 deprivation on a Hampden tackling me109s.

DVD EXTRA: Newsreel -RAF fighters on Alert. (GOOD)

DvD no 2 - 1941-1942

THE FIRST THING: rudimentary drill recognising officers.

RE_ARMING A BOMBER: A detailed look into haw a wellington bomber is serviced and armed emphasising the bombs themselves. (EXCELLENT!!!)

RAF ACTION: British movietone news with a parade of all Ac types in service at that time. (VERY GOOD)

AIR SENSE: Guide to preventing air accidents - shown to trainee pilots (GOOD)

FLY AWAY PETER: story of how Ac are flown to overseas postings (GOOD)

IN THE DRINK: Dramatic reconstruction of a Halifax Ditching and all the safety equipment aboard ( EXCELLENT!!!)

SKY GIANT: Movietones celebration of a powerful new bomber just coming into service - The Avro Lancaster (EXCELLENT!!)

DVD EXTRA: Terror from the skies: A20 Bostons attacking in daylight raids. (EXCELLENT)

Dvd No3 - 1943-1944

A FIGHTER HAS CRASHED: information film on how to rescue a pilot from a spitfire, Typhoon of Beaufighter. (EXCELLENT)

MISSED DATE: a "careless talk costs lives film. (GOOD)

NOUGHT FEET: lowlevel navigation training film (EXCELLENT!!!)

RAF REGIMENT: Rare film on the support role of the regiment in combat, making runways - repairing captured airfields with footage of wrecked Italian German aircraft left behind. (EXCELLENT!!!)

TOWARDS THE OFFENSIVE: Bostons, Spits, Lancs USAAF B17s shown attacking the enemy (EXCELLENT!!!)

WE ATTACK: RAF on the offensive in the terms of a football game. (GOOD)

FRONTLINE AIRFORCE: establishing a forward airstrip to support the 8th army in the italian campaign. (EXCELLENT)

NIGHT FLIGHT: recreation of a mission in a Stirling showing the importance of a navigator. (EXCELLENT!!!)

DVD EXTRA: RAF Fighter ever alert (V.GOOD)

they can be bought either singly or as a 3DVD boxed set. I got mine at the RAF museun Hendon, but you could probably also get then from DD Video, who have also just released the TEMPEST AT WAR.
I've got Target for Today - its first class. Theres also one called Target for Tonight, about specific raids by Bomber Command.

Another is called "Lest we Forget" it contains veterans talking about their experiences.

Sometimes on Rare occasions the BBC do documentaries which are also very good too!

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