"Emil" "K-4"

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Aug 11, 2006
New Zealand
Hi all.

Any info on the Bf-109 types "Emil" and "K-4" is appreciated.

Thanks guys...

Yeap good sites. Try using the internet and there are many good books out there.

What kind of info are you looking for anyhow because you request is actually a huge request because there is endless info out there.

If you search this site you will find several threads on the 109. I myself started a 109 history info page.
Hi DerAlderIstGelandet,

I'm looking for any information regarding the different camo's worn by the 109 on the Western and Eastern fronts, especially the latter.


I have a number of photos of this


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If what I'm given to believe is correct he had a kill with this bird in BoB
by the way I was all over Weße 14 years ago at Chino AF. yes Marseille possibly scored a kill but at least flew this rod when on the Ost Front not in the BoB. the markings are a bit off though
Got an idea... :idea:

Why don't all the 109 fans make their own little corner on ww2aircraft.net??

Yeap started the thread a long time ago my friend.

It is called the Bf-109 Thread.

Anyhow if you are looking for info on the different camos then check out that thread and there are 2 very good books sourced there.

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