Erich: Jumo 213E data

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Nov 16, 2004
Huntingtown, MD
I don't know where I got these from. IIRC I copied them off another forum. Per your request:



Thanks for this chart, it's great, I've been looking for some kind of source for Jumo 213E power and I finally found it :D

I also have one small question: as we know the Jumo 213E was a engine of Ta 152H and H1. But I found 2 version of this engine:
1) Jumo 213 E-1 (without aftercooler, the MW-50 use to be a substitute of cooler)
2) Jumo 213 E-0 (with aftercoller).

My question are:1) which of those 2 were in use as a engine of Ta 152H1 ?? and was the performance of E-1 different from E-0 version ?? I would be grateful for any informotion.
2)What was the power of this engine using MW-50 ?? - I found that 2050 hp, but I don't know rpms and attitude.

PS. Sorry for my language, but I don't speak English well.
Just a question for a correct translation:
Zweistufen-Dreiganglader = two-stage three-speed supercharger ?
Jumo 213A-1 performance just for comparison's sake;


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Soren, Thanks for this Jumo 213A chart.
But, please :), can someone answer my little question ?? Which version of Jumo 213 E (E-1 or E-0) were used as a engine of Ta 152 H-1 and what was the performance of Jumo 213E with MW-50 injection.
We can see the characteristics of Jumo 213E on Take Off Power at 3200 rpm, but does anyone have a chart with including MW-50 ??

Thanks in advance
The charts show power output with MW-50 injection which is 2,050 PS for the 213E and 2,250 PS for the 213A-1.
The charts show power output with MW-50 injection which is 2,050 PS for the 213E and 2,250 PS for the 213A-1.

No, the 2240PS rating is of the 213AG-1. This engine had a different type of Kommandogerät but was not used in combat. AFAIK it proved to be somewhat unreliable, at least they had soem problems with it.
Was it called AG-1 ? All I know is a different supercharger setting was used.

I know 2,100 PS was the highest out-put used operationally, 2,250 PS only reachable with a different supercharger setting.
Maybe, but I read that E-1 version does not have aftercooler (MW-50 supposed to be cooler). I also noticed, that in most publications the E-1 Version (for example Monogram Close - Up 24) is shown as the Ta 152 engine.
A closer look on the graphs shows something strange: There are only three bumps in both the power graph as well as in the fuel usage graph. That looks more like a single-stage three-speed supercharging system, a two-stage supercharger with three speeds should have more bumps in the graphs.

Either I'm completely wrong or the engine tested did not have all supercharger items fully functional.
First of all, I don't know about the aftercooler.
But could this be in any way connected with the Jumo 213F lacking an intercooler (but perhaps including an aftercooler??)


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