F-16 midair collision

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Video Extraordinaire
Apr 2, 2005
midair collision .




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yes i know that it's just that i didn't see annother plane or any reason he had to bale out or nothing..........
I thought we weren't going to post crash videos on this site....?

There are plenty of such vids around the web if you care to search - I personally am reluctant to post owt which is 'sensationalist' involving possible fatal crashes. Next thing you know we will be having the infamous B52 nosedive, but let's hope not.

I was in two minds whether to post the Harrier vid since it has the Kestrel losing it at the end... but I made sure that was a walkaway incident first.

Returning to the F16 vid... there are numerous vids on the web showing a member of the Thunderbirds pancaking thanks to a faulty gauge or setting on the altimeter... great video but let's not go there...

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