F6F Hellcat Research

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Feb 11, 2007
I am doing a research paper on the F6F Hellcat and was wondering if you guys can give me some recomendations on good books, internet sites, and even experts/historicans I can interview.
I am looking for Strategic choices of design, interfaces, bounderies, manufacturing, economic, enviormental, saftey, etc etc etc...
I saw the TV seriers Dogfights on the History Channel about the Hellcat and I am very excited that I am able to do a research paper on this subject.

Thank you for your help.
As I recall, he was a flight test pilot with Grumman, and he wrote a book about all his flight test duties. It was really interesting and although I can't recall exactly how much he wrote about the Hellcat, it had to be a good amount - that would be some good inside info from someone intimately involved with production and flight test of the F6F.
Corky Meyer also has done a bunch of articles for Flight Journal magazine if you've got access to back issues. The most interesting to you would be the F6F Hellcat special issue they did in the summer of 2006 that had a test flight article by Meyer in it. I'd have to dig back through the pile for other issues but I know he's written more about the F6F there. You also might try Flight Journal's web site and see if any of the F6F articles are on the site.

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