Favorite Sub-machine gun

Favorite Sub machine gun

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Jun 19, 2005
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This is a thread for us to discuss our favorite sub machine guns! If none of these i have posted are not your favorite or if you have any other sub machine guns, tell us.

Also i encourage Pics of the SMGs also!! 8)
This is just a trick to get people to post pics of SMG's, isn't it? ;)
My favourites from that list are the PPSh-41 and the Thompson. The Thompson was a well made and powerful close range weapon, but a little expensive for wartime mass production. The PPSh-41 was robust with a great rate of fire, and had good range for an SMG. It was also simple and cheap to produce.
I don't think so. The M1A1 version of the Thompson had a rate of fire of approx. 700rpm. The Grease Gun's was approx. 450rpm.
The M3 and it's variants were just cheaper alternatives to the Thompson for wartime production. The US took the British example of the Sten as a basis for a cheap, simple weapon to mass produce and get out to the troops quickly.
The "Papasha" was a great SMG when it came down to Rate of Fire, and endurence. But when it came down to using that sight, it wasnt that accurate. Tommy gun is still my favorite.

Watching Mail Call on history channel and found out the PPsH could fire 900 rpm! Thats a whole lot of whoop-ass!
No SMG is especially accurate at any kind of long range. They're not built to be. The Thompson wasn't more accurate than the PPSh-41. The Thompson M1 finally did away with that useless windage sight that had been present on earlier models, and went with a simple aperture sight instead. It's all you need on a submachine gun because there's no way in hell you're going to hit anything spot-on beyond about 50 yards anyway.
I believe we are all forgetting the more compact and lighter, thus superior PPSh-43. It was superior design to the PPSh-41 and could actually be used properly by tank crews and paratroopers. Considered by some to be the greatest submachine gun of World War II.
I like the old tommy gun.
Using the soft nose 45 pistol round made it super for building clearance and as you guys say with a SMG the first round may be on target at 30 or so yards but after that its spray and pray but close up in a room its Blat and Splat
My favourite is not on the list, it's the owen gun. Made in Australia and designed especially for combat in the jungles of New Guinea for the Aussie Diggers, the owen proved to be robust and very, very reliable. Apparently they jammed very rarely and was a favourite weapon of choice for our soldiers. Saw service from WWII upto Vietnam.


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