Fiat RS.14/AS.14

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Fiat RS.14









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Fiat AS 14

Fiat AS-14
Attack aircraft, a development of the RS-14. One built. Armament was to be impressive: one 45mm cannon, seven 12.7mm guns and two 7.7mm guns.


unfortunately, I have not YET found a picture of the As.14

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FIAT-CMASA AS-14 was projected by engineer Stiavelli in Pisa from CS -14 floatplane ( very rarely a floatplane evolved to a wheeled aircraft, the only other project i know is the Japanese Kawanishi Kyofu fighter).

It had the same Fiat radial 840 HP engines as the floatplane but more powerful Piaggio and Daimler-Benz engines would have been used.
Its maximum weight was 8150 kg , it was heavily armoured the windscreen thickness was 140 mm, its maximum weight was 8150 kg and the maximum speed 420 km/h with Fiat engines, with a 3 men crew.

It was armed with a 37/54 mm Breda machine-gun with 36 shells , two SAFAT 12.7 mm machine-guns in the nose, four in the winds externally to the engines one in a turret , each with 300 shells, and one 7.7 mm SAFAT in each side of the fuselage.

The prototype flew in Marina di Pisa in 1942 and it was immediately judged as a good aircraft by the pilots but in 1943 it was destroyed by an allied bombing.

There ya go! :D

Thank you! The Fiat AS 14 looks as good as I had imagined! I never thought I would find a picture of it. It's intresting that it had 4x 12.7mm guns in the wings, I thought they were all in the nose. Also thank you for the pictures of the RS 14s as well. That was a very nice model.
Okay, 4 years later here you got some pictures :) ( better later than never is the phrase isnt ?)

RS 14 proto factory fresh in Pisa, june 1939. Powered by 2 FIAT A 74 RC 38 the aircraft gave 400 km/h top speed at 2500 m.


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Production aircraft in 1941, the differences were the Lancia dorsal turret with a 12,7 mm scotti MG, the side movable panels for the waist gunner with 2 Breda S.A.F.A.T 7,7mm machineguns, one per side, and the propeller spinners. This aircraft also have the ventral pod for bombs. The series RS 14 max speed was 375 km/ at 1500m.


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