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    In these days, I found informations about a site disabled more than 2 years ago. That site address was


    lots of tresures was in there. I couldn't find any documents about these, in these days. This is the list of the tresures.

    Kampfflugzeuge im Detail (Combat aircraft in the detail) - The webmaster has carefully crafted technical and performance histories, utilizing original performance graphs. These are very detailed analyses.

    Flugleistungen, Aerodynamik des Me-163 "Komet" Raketenjägers (Flight performances, aerodynamics of the Me-163 "comet" of rocket-driven fighter)

    Flugleistungen, Leistungsberechnungen, Aerodynamik des Me-262 "Schwalbe" Düsenjägers (Flight performances, capacity ratings, aerodynamics of the Me-262 "swallow" of jet military plane)

    Flugleistungen des Do-335 "Pfeil" Schnellbombers (Flight performances of the Do-335 "arrow" of high-speed bomber)

    Links zu weiteren Dokumenten (Links to further documents)

    Verschiedene Themen zur Technik aus dem 2.WK (Different topics to the technology from WW II) - These reports are taken from Flight magazine, the RAF Journal, and are thus in English.

    "German Piston-engine Progress", Dec. 1945

    "Variable Lift and Drag", Changing Ideas on Slots and Flaps, Dec. 1938

    "Belligerent Tails", Designers' Signatures in Fins and Rudders, Aug. 1945

    "Focke-Wulf 190A-3", Further Details of Germany's Best Fighter: Heavy Armament and High Rate of Climb, Jan. 1943

    weitere Leistungsangaben, Flugtests, Flugverhalten, u.a (PDF) (further achievement data, flight test, flight behavior, among other things (pdf))

    - Flugzeug Technik und Flugtests (Aircraft Technics and Testing)

    -- Allgemeine Dokumente über Flugtests (general documents about aircraft testing)

    Flugeigenschaftsrichtlinien - deutsch (Requirements for flying characteristics - german)

    -- German Aircraft

    --- Me 262

    Test of Nr.130170 A1 Aircraft

    Test of Nr.130170 A2 Aircraft (Blitzbomber)

    --- Me 109

    F1/F2 Kennblatt (F1/F2 data sheet)

    Amerikanische Beschreibung der F4 (American Evaluation Report of a F4)

    109G und K Leistungsberechnungen / Projekte (109G and K performance calculations / projects)

    Messungen der Flügelbelastungen im Flug (Measurments of wing stress (G-load) in flight)

    --- Stuka

    Probleme aus dem Sturzbomberbau (Problems of Dive Bomber technologies)

    -- Motoren (Engines)

    DB605A Kennblatt (DB605A data sheet)

    DB605 Varianten (DB605 variants)

    Themen der Luftfahrtforschung (topics in aviation research) (PDF)

    Schriften der Deutschen Akademie der Luftfahrforschung - Reports of the German Academy of Aviation Research

    Hochdruckbrennkammern - Jets (High pressure combustion chambers - jets)

    Themen der Industrieforschung - Industrial Research (Topics of the industrieforschung - Industrial Research)

    Luftschrauben - Propeller

    Raketenantriebe - Rocket Propulsion

    Vorgänge der Verbrennung 1 - Combustion processes 1 (Procedures of the burn 1 - Combustion of processes 1)

    Vorgänge der Verbrennung 2 - Combustion processes 2 (Procedures of the burn 2 - Combustion of processes 2)

    Probleme der Verbrennung - Combustion problems (Problems of the burn - Combustion of problem)

    Themen zur Bewaffnung - Armament and Weapon topics

    Wirkung eines 20mm Geschosses - Effect of 20mm shell

    Minengeschoss - Mine shell

    Bordwaffen von Jagdmaschinen - Fighter Weapons

    Eine neuartige Waffenanlage (210/410 Heckgeschütz) - A new weapon system (210/410 tail gunner)

    Hintergrundwissen (Background knowledge)

    Strahlantriebe - Geschichte, Entwicklung, Bauformen (Jet drives - history, development, designs)

    Flugmechanik - Versuch einer Einführung (Flight dynamic - attempt of an introduction)


    Watch one of the few current flying 109 Part I

    Watch one of the few current flying 109 Part II

    Wartime films of the 109

    Wartime films of the P51

    Anyone who knows how to find that tresures or already got these tresures PLEASE open it to people! If we found these tresures and open it, we can solve lots of questions!
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    Unless there was a backup made of the site before it was deleted, you won't find this information unless someone makes it avalable again.

    I have used several search methods using the subject titles you posted above and only a few sites that were discussing these topics come back in the results (some discussions go back as far as the year 2000).

    Unfortunately, the Internet Archive ( doesn't have backups of these sites because they were "member" pages on a server (members - mitglied)...and as a result, any internet pages from sites like Hypermart, Tripod, Lycos, Geocities, Angelfire and such were never backed up.
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    Dare we hope that the NSA made a backup?
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    Oh... It makes me sad...
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