Fingertips and superglue

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One day in camp my reading glasses broke at the nose piece. We have dispensing machines the give out glove, batteries, safety glasses etc. One of the slots held Loctite Super Glue so I got a bottle which is very small. After fixing my glasses and finishing my tour, I took the bottle home and tried it on models. Worked great and is very fluid. I've had the bottle for over a year and broke the top off where the cap screws on but the stuff hasn't dried up yet. I went online to look for a price so I could purchase some back-up and was stunned to see $30+ for the bottle, on the right

When the weather turns cold and dry, my fingertips crack at the nails. I use a dab of superglue and kicker to seal it over.

Does anyone else do this?

Wurger, I didn’t know where else to post this, so I understand if you move it.

I've heard of finger-picking guitarists who use CA glue to reinforce their nails, and a couple who've used it to repair cracked nails before a gig.

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