After your opinion on preshading and top coat

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Oct 22, 2019
After painting preshading I applied the first colour. My question is this a good finish or should I apply another coat, is the preshading to heavy?

I would say it looks good. The preshading doesn't seem to be too heavy. You may apply the another coat of the first colour but it should be more thinned than the first coat. But if you are going to apply other colours of the camouflage the one should be enough.

However I have noticed a couple of areas that needed a better touch before painting. I marked them with the red arrows. These needed some of putty and sanding or just sanding.

Thanks Wuger, yes I know about the top wing section, the engine covers aren't glued in yet as starboard side will be open to show engine. Nose section also isn't glued in as I have radar antennas to install after painting otherwise I know I'll break them. 😯

However that wing section I'm really nervous about fixing. I'm worried I'm going to stuff it up and make it worse.
I'm not going to offer an opinion because the only one that matters is yours. Some people like to follow the panel lines for preshading and others do a random patchwork all over. For my models, I preshade a patchwork pattern, lines along panels that see frequent service, and areas like flap hinges to give them a bit of depth.

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