**** FINSHED: Fw 190 D-9 1/48 JV44 - Your Favourite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Jan 12, 2010
Here I put the finished project, the result could be much improved but rewarding at all times including in times of madness to see the bad position of the wings on the plane to the planes.








P. D: has now come to see if the pictures, I'm having problems lately with photo subidads increases forums for my wifi is being very dramatic, I'll have to clean your system, forgive
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Unfortunately these images can't be seen without clicking on these links. Could you edit the post and attach them again?
Also it is not a set that is required for judging.
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then edit the post and placed the photos correctly
There are only 3 of the 6 required views Sergio. Please take a look at the link Vic provided and add the others. It's hard enough judging from pictures but not having enough makes it near impossible.\

I like what I see though. You've done a good job.
Shes awesome I love the red and white scheme at the bottom of the aircraft real nice work :)
Looking very nice Sergio. But would you be so kind and would attach a shot taken from her port side in the same way you took it in the pic #2?
well, thanks all
Aaron patience is not but the short time I have for my models making out well, is not the same be 2 hours a week 2 hours a day, everything is practice and more practice, but I'm anxious or nervous I do not think anyone is, I take up to 10 jobs at a time to avoid being over 15 minutes followed one because in the end just spoiling is another use Aque tecnic.
if anything has taught me is that my capacity modeling of observation and quiet and have very little limit to not recognize the limit on fun.
Igor thanks my friend and merci
I placed the pics that are two shots with more or less angle for the best viewing.



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