First British turbojet combat

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Dec 28, 2015
No clever story, I just thought this was an important letter which everyone should see as it has some historical value.

This was sent to the Rolls-Royce workers after the first operations of the Meteor.

"in operation against the enemy" must refer to the Meteor taking down V-1 flying bombs.
In total however the Meteors took down only 12 V-1's.

The first V-1 was taken down by a Meteor on 4 August 1944.
The pilot, Flg Off Dixie Dean of 616 sqn, tried to fire at the V-1 but his four 20 mm guns did not fire due to technical trouble.
He then flew his Meteor alongside the V-1 and tipped it over with his wingtip under that of the V-1.
Half an hour later a second V-1 was shot down from a distance of 300 - 350 yards by Flg Off Jock Rodger of 616 sqn.
(Source: page 269 of 'Diver! Diver! Diver!' by Brian Cull 2008)
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