Focke Wulf 190 A 9/F 9

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Jan 19, 2005
Hello,as you see I´m new in the forum, hehehe :lol:. I was looking for this: Can someone provide the specifications about the FW 190 A9 and F9?. It´s a pretty airplane but very little known about this.Thanks in advance
check google search engine

the difference is that the F-9 is that the underbelley was armored unlike the fighter version A-9. More powerful engine thatn the A-8 with 14 blade cooling fan. Most likely wooden prop and blown canopy. F-9 had two inborad 2cm as standard alaong with the bomb ordnance, the A-9 could be fitted with four or two 2cm weapons on the disgression of the pilot and his ground crew.

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:D heres a pic of A-9 and crewmen of I./JG 301 in November of 44. thanks to Peter Rodeike..........

sometimes though the metal prop was used and the old standard canopy of the A-8 variant.

A new almost tube like drop tank was also fitted on some A-9's.


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One of the benefits of the wooden prop, which the Brits used on the Mk. XIV Spitfire, was that in the event of a wheels up landing, the prop blades break off, as opposed to bending like the metal ones and put less stress on the engine. Metal blades will assure a serious messed up engine in that event.
Thanks a lot for your interest! It´s a lot of information.
Another question: I read about the fact that the model A9, having a turbosupercharged engine, (the TU/TS) capable of 2000/2270 hp was able to catch some 680 Km/h at 10000 m, is this true?. Thanks in advance, and best regards.
Im not good in metric but I think 680 kmh is about 420-425 mph...I think the A-9 could do that, yeah 8)

Very nice! I always thought the prop blades on the Dora almost looked fake because of their size. Those are some really fat blades!

I read some where that the Ta-152 had 2 foot wide blades, which is pretty bigski! ;)
Really thanks to all. Someone has the exact especifications of this model?. I am very interested about this model. Thanks and regards
That is great! A lot of thanks, cheddar cheese. I was looking for this a lot of time ago, and at last, I could find it :D . I f you like some type of information, say me it. Regards!
o_O copying from one of the greatest games ever made? ^.- i wont tell anyone.... :p

anyway, that one of the relyablest sources 4 me to get aircraft info ;)
Couldnt find it anywhere else (I only searched for 5 mins but thats not the point...)

Anyway the info on FB/AEP/PF is pretty reliable usually.

Im glad I could be of help Hartmann 8)

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