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    Since March/2012 this year the Federal Customs of Brazil made an operation called “Crimson Tide”. This operation is justified to detect fraud in import system was used for both tightening the surveillance. However orders for products purchased from abroad may take up to 120 days to reach the homes, thanks to delays in customs

    The big problem is that this more rigorous monitoring not been accompanied by an increase in effective as well as infrastructure, according to a report of a newspaper economic value tendering for jobs in the sector are monitoring three years, and the gap is more than personal 8000 employees, although it said there is a real evaluation of the major crimes in foreign trade: the underpricing and dumping - selling products at less than the market value. "Every tax is the conference in its own way. It's all very subjective. Both crimes are difficult to assess. "

    Gustavo Dedivitis, president of the Brazilian Association of Importers and Distributors of Consumer Goods (ABCON), says the tendency of government to slash importers of popular products. Two months after outbreak of “Red Tide”, the Federal Customs of Brazil does not have any report on the results of the operation.

    The damage is even greater for large importers, as many have closed for the amount of freight the ship being in port for 15 days, and many have spent a lot of Furthermore, in this situation and who pays the daily is the importer, this injury ends after being diluted in imported goods, further increasing the value of final products.

    According EXAME magazine report in some ports of the country such as Manaus surveillance is performed by only three agents. The damage caused by the delay ranging from drugs damaged the lack of raw materials for industry. Companies that make the import process (and receive when the goods are delivered) are already "in red," some have already closed their doors to note have more damage, because without the supplies, how to get there.

    One of the companies that has been suffering with the Crimson Tide is Flextronix Brazil, which manufactures the Xbox 360 in Brazil, a large part of its raw material is imported from China, and has being inspected by the operation of the Federal Customs of Brazil, the damage to the company are around $ 500,000 per semester.

    The fact is that not only the industry and the import market has been suffering with the operation, we end consumers is that we all yelled. Not only the delay of our orders, but also by rising prices of goods within the country. You must take into account that this attitude will be considered protectionist by the WTO because it can prevent us to make purchases abroad.

    Let it be clear that I am not against the import tax, but I don´t know how this money is spent, but I feel quite uncomfortable with this situation "protectionist" for Operation Crimson Tide targets only a few consumer items such as electronics and toys . It has been specifically targeted for purchases made in China and the United States. According to the Exame Magazine even though the Presidential Palace will not admit that the operation does not set a protectionist measure, there are signs pointing in this direction.

    In early April, his own finance minister, Guido Mantega, said at the launching ceremony of the economic stimulus plan "Brazil Major 2" trade defense measures would be intensified to protect the domestic industry. In his presentation to businessmen and journalists, "Crimson Tide", which began in March, figures prominently in one of the most important writing this strategy. "It is the largest operation ever carried out against fraud in foreign trade," he said.

    The main problem of the operation is not the increase of monitoring itself. The government, moreover, is right to close the loop to fraudsters. The criticism that it is directed to the Revenue's own unpreparedness to execute the action. As a result, consumers face delays of up to four months in the delivery of their orders. Companies, in turn, feel the effects in reducing the pace of production and many are even closing their doors - especially smaller ones who can not afford the increased costs caused by the operation.

    The reason for making purchases abroad are many, but the main ones are the price and lack of products on the market. In our case of hobbyists / modelers we have no choice, because practically we do not have the products available in the market, and the tax burden on retailers and importers is so great that it makes the price of a shop almost impossible for the consumer.

    All this leads us to question why the tax (which is 60% of the total purchase price), according to the Federal Customs of Brazil is to protect the domestic industry, but then I wonder what the domestic industry? There is simply no domestic industry articles for plastic modeling and model airplanes, which the justif
    ication of taxes in this case?

    At the end of it all is we consumers who loses, either by rising prices - the result of higher costs that are passed on by companies that need to pay more in storage and handling of goods - either by the delay in the delivery of applications.

    I reiterate that I am not against the import tax, which in fact exists in many countries, but I am completely in favor of a system that really works and that my overseas purchases can be delivered quickly, efficiently and has the value of tax correctly. The only thing I want is to pay my tax as a citizen I am and get my product quickly.

    So, if the Federal Government does not have any technical skill to just this, how it can organize a The Olimpics Games and The Fifa World Cup?

    Sorry, but I´m shame to be Brazilian... :(
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    Sorry, but while I can sympathize with the plight of Brazilians and anybody who suffers under extravagant taxes, this is far too politocal to be on the forum. I'm going to close the thread.
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