Forgotten Battles-Tough mission 1945

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Chocks away!

Senior Airman
Jan 16, 2005
I have to intercept four bomb carrrying p-39 q s , escorted by 8 la-5/7 s
with only six Bf 109 k-4 s . I've tried everything, but just as i get into firing position, my flight gets mauled. The best thing i can think of is to split in pairs, two pairs merely annoying the lavochkins while the remaining pair goes after the aircobras. But you can't order the wingmen to do something so specific, and even when i use dive/climb tactics, i always get hit due to the numerical superiority of the Russians. I honestly take off my hat to the real pilots in such situations! I found myself sweating in this virtual experience. Any suggestions guys?
Climb, and climb high! Dont let them see you, then when youre about 1000m higher than them turn onto their tail and pummel them. Go for the Lavochkins first, as the P-39's should be easier to evade. I dont know if it will work but its helped me when ive been faced with similar situations.
Thanks, i guess it's the obvious solution. This game can give you stress! :shock: Another problem is the getting home. Even if some of them get shot down they'll still hound us back to base! I guess my best chance is to try to climb up up and away if possible
Make sure they dont see you while youre climbing though! Otherwise getting on their tails will be near impossible.

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