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Apr 1, 2004
I would like to know which Fighter Groups these Fighter Squadrons were in, and also if possible a website that I might use for any further enquiries.

Anywho, which fighter groups did these serve in;

48th FS
492nd FS
493rd FS
339th FS
20th FS

Also, were the 20th FS called 'The Blackjacks'?
492 493 and 494 FS were part of 48th FG, that fought in UK from april 1944. It was a P-47 group of 9th Air Force.
3d, 17th and 20th Pursuit Sqn were part of 24th Pursuit Group in Philippines at the end of 1941. These units were destroyed but not officially disestbilished until after WW2.
339th FS was in south Pacific. It was famous by being the first one equipped with P-38 in the Guadalcanal area. It was part of 347th FG that was finally assigned to 13th AF.

the 48th FG was part of the 14th FG, based at Atcham. They flew P-38s. The were part of the 12th AF based in Oran for a while and were also part of the 15th AF in Italy for some time.
Thanks, I just have pictures from all those FS so I wanted to know where they were from. I have pictures of the pilots and aircraft.
A friend of mine sent a load of pictures to me, do you want me to send them to you?
Yes! I would love to see them. The 492nd and 493rd are actually what would be part of the 48th TFW at Lakenheath. It was reconstituted later from the 48th FG.

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