Fw 190 D

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Hello! I'm looking for a schematic-type side view of an Fw 190 D. I have found some, but they are not very clean scans into the computer, so I cannot edit them well in my brutal editing program. Could anyone help me out? Thanks!
This what you are looking for?

check into the JaPo Dora volume 1 and I do know when Eagle Editions releases their first volume on the Dora it is going to be a mind blower.......probably in august my earliest guess..............the profiles will of course up to the usual outstanding quality that EE has performed in the past.

new JG 301 materials never seen before...........yummie 8) Achtung Indianer !
:shock: I looked up a review of that book, and I can't believe I haven't seen it anywhere before! That is really one I should pick up. Between the two of us, my dad and I have an exstensive library in our basement, and we're always on the lookout for new books. Thanks a lot for letting me know!

Erich: When/where did you purchase this book? I cannot find it on any bookstore website.
ok a little more clarity.

the volume 1 of JaPo Dora is published, the second volume is at the printer right now and should be out .......... ?

Eagle Editions volume 1 which I am looking forward to is due this summer, volume 2 maybe bya Christmas.

Both publishers and authors have said that each of the volumes will probably together, cover the Dora and the variants like never before .

JG 300 volume 2 by EE is in customs on the west coast, so EE is just waiting for them so they can ship out

the Dora and Ta 152H for JG 301 is getting covered later by ............ ( ? ) 8)
you will have to be patient.
the BIG question is : which do you want JaPo's first volume or wait and be blown away by the EE volume ? I'll take EE's as I know the quality of the work and what they have done for over 15 years
That is a big question. I have no experience with either, so I'll have to look into some EE stuff.

I think I'm actually going to wait a little bit to see if we'll actually get a EE book in a store around here to save shipping.
Oh-ho $85US! Looks like my choice has been made by money :(. My mom was a tad put off by the $61, so I'm not even going to bring up the $85. Thanks for all of your help Erich! I hope to order a copy of SOMETHING soon.
well you get what you pay for, books are not cheap anymore like in the 1970's

the materials in the EE book will probably equal a 100.00 US book in my opinion

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