FW 190A-8. F-8 props.

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Mar 15, 2009
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Hi guy's
Hope this is the right place for this question ?
What's the difference. if any, between the FW 190 A-8 AND F-8 propeller
As momo serves there was no difference. Initially the A-8 used the metal VDM 9-12176A prop later it was the wooden one of the Heine firm VDM 9-12157H3 or VDM 9-12176V3 of the Schwarz company. The wooden props had the prop blades of the larger chord. The metal VDM one is the one used for most of the F-1 to F-8 series and can be noticed in many pics with the type of the Wurger.
Although I cannot quote from all Fw 190 A-8 and F-8 manuals, there is some data from them. The A-8 Handbuch issued Sep '44 says that it was intended to fit the BMW 801 TU engine which incorporated components from the later BMW 801 TS/TH engine. The interim TU engine fit would include heavier armour on the nose cowl and oil cooler. Later aircraft with the TS/TH would become the A-9. There is a quote about further weight increases on the A-9.
VDM listings show; the earlier Fw 190 versions with 801 C/D engines initially with the 9-12067A/B metal propeller assembly (A or B with/without blade weights). Later, this changed to the wider chord metal blades in the 9-12153A/B prop assembly (A or B with /without blade weights). Then, for the Fw 190 with the "BMW 801 T/H" the prop assembly 9-12176A which had the 9-30341.10 Holzflugel (wooden blades) with broarder chord. This would seem to make sense with the lighter blades going with the heavier engine unit.


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