GB-58 1/48 F-4D Phantom II – Night Fighters all Eras

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One seat almost done, still have the side straps to do.

first cut off the ejection seat pull cords. We don't need to stinking ejection cords.

I am not using the seat bottom "No Step" part, I've never seen it on any Mk 7 EJ, That doesn't mean it's not used, but these are combat aircraft in a combat zone and I've never seen it use.

Quite a bit of cussing later.....
There should be a sub GB for all the goodies you guys forever entomb inside these brilliant models. Cockpits and engines that easily deceive the eye by looking like photos taken from shop manuals. I love following the builds.
Working on the engines, Can't see them but.. I shot the forward stainless steel and the aft gun metal using Testors Model Master Metallizer lacquers. The aft internal I used the stainless for the aft turbine blades and gunmetal for the flame holder. I used Tamiya black panel liner in-between the blades fore and aft and grey through the afterburner (reheat for you folks over the pond there) can and flame holder.


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