G'day, it's another Aussie

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Nov 14, 2004
Hobart, Tasmania
Hello all.

I live in Hobart, Tasmania and I've been a WW2 aircraft freak since I was a little kid. I did 6 years in the RAAF as a gas turbine and airframe technician at 76SQN on Macchis and Hawk 127s. I'm now in my final year of a science degree majoring in mathematics and computer science.

I got to fly fighters quite a few times whilst in the RAAF (from the backseat) and it was terrific fun. I went on a couple of low level strike training missions through the Great Dividing Ranges in Hawks and they were a highlight.

Cheers, Neilster


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Super stuff Neil sounds like you've been a busy bloke. I've been doing a bit of digging for a mate whose brother inlaw flew Wellingtons and lancs in the RAAF 460 squadron very hairy stuff from the accounts I've read.
Message for Wildcat,

I can not respond to you about the Balipapan question on that link as it will not load for me. I just get a blank background.

Please PM me if you can.


Rick Maccullagh

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