German Aces Pilot Skins?

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Oct 23, 2008
I just wanted to know if anyone her eknows where I can get a pilot skin of

Erich Hartmann

Walter Nowotny

Anton Hackl

Gerhard Barkhorn

This would make me VERY happy if anyone could find any pilot skins of these Ggreat Aces :D :) :)
There used to be a few "Ace" packs out there, I don't recall which site had them.

The various packs had British, Russian, American and German pilots, if I remember right.

Perhaps you could google for 'em?
Here.... Dont know if theyll work this way, but give it a shot....


  • 00Galland.bmp
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  • 00Hartmann.bmp
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  • 00Marsaille.bmp
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  • 00Moelders.bmp
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  • 00Rudel.bmp
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  • 00Schnaufer01.bmp
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