II./JG77 Recruiting Now Recruiting Competent Sim Pilots

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Apr 13, 2017
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Hello Kameraden, II./JG77 is now open to new pilots for our North American wing (5th Staffel). If you seek to fly like a Luftwaffe type, using the same tactics and procedures, then please contact me for further information. I'm looking for no more than 8-12 active pilots who wish to participate and have a close knit unit to chat, fly, and shoot the shit whenever you wish. Additionally, we will coordinate and fly with the EU II./JG77 wing when possible and also fly with the SACG Gruppe (4./JG52, 5./ZG1, and 2./JG51) to further enhance our elimination of the RED threat. We'll also participate in other group flying activities such as Random Expert, Tactical Air War, and FNBF to further our number of RED scalps. Please REDS take no offense, this is WAR! If you need more information please PM here and I can answer whatever questions you might have about us.

II./JG77 Hund

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