Good afternoon, all! MiG Killer, here.

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MiG Killer

May 30, 2022
I am new to this sort of thing and thought I'd join to see if there is anyone out there who still plays the Mustangs and Messerschmitts game designed by Rocky Russo? I have a cabinet with about 450 planes (1/72 scale) that I still use to play it. Anyone have any experience with this who would like to discuss, I am all ears.
Welcome to the forum, bud. I've never heard of the game. What are the mechanics of using models to re-enact combats? How are outcomes determined? That could probably be answered in a thread of its own, if you're so inclined, and if not, a brief synopsis might be interesting.
Greetings from Iran's beating heart.

Welcome aboard mate.

It would be great if you post photos of your collection.

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