Ground Fire just misses B-17

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Just found this nice shot on

oh don't worry, i havent had this much fun since i got lost at the airshow 8)
Could be Vietnam. The U.S was using B-17s in Vietnam because the Vietnamese didn't think they looked like U.S planes and left them alone. Maybe they realised with that one. :lol:

Or it could be from the PTO.
I have no idea what you're talking about. However, it can't be from Vietnam. All the B-17s serving in Vietnam were black.
They served in Korea and Vietnam. In Vietnam they were painted all black with down-coloured U.S markings. The serial numbers were removed except a three digit number marking the aircraft.

Designated RB-17G they were converted B-17Gs with no guns. They were used for recconaisance. Also used for dropping agents and special forces into the jungle.

Based at AFB Clark (Phillipines) they were used because to the Vietnamese they didn't look like U.S aircraft. Very few were used.

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