Guerilla Warfare In Timor

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Good post Wildcat.

I didnt know the Allies were still "at it" on the ground at such a late date.

I remember the 380th BG was constantly bombing the Japanese airfields on Timor as they were a thorn in Aussie and US air operations in that part of the world.
Indeed, the airfields on Timor were a threat to the Australian mailand with many raids being launched from there, hence why the heavies of the USAAC were stationed further inland (although still in range of jap bombers) however to reach them they had to fly the gauntlet of the Spitfires and anti-aircraft guns located around Darwin. Along with the Libs, RAAF Mitchells, Hudsons and Beaufighters conducted raids on the major airfields at Penfui and Koepang. The Beaufighters had considerable success in destroying many Jap planes on the ground, usually followed up by a raid of USAAC Liberators.
I find these air battles in the North-Western Area very interesting, it's a shame they're generally not well known.

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