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Aug 21, 2006
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Be nice fellas and I MIGHT let you steal a wee looksie....:evil4:
Royal Class kit includes:2 complete kits -
*1x Fw 190A-8
*1x Fw 190A-8/R2

*7 sheets of photo-etch
*2x basic color sheet,
*2x 48 551 Fw 190A-8 landing flaps,
*1x 48 555 tools boxes,
*2x 48 556 Fw 190A-8

*4 decal sheets with 9 marking variants
*1 double sheet of the canopy mask
*8 pages color booklet about Battle over Ore Mountains (11.09.1944)

*Knight's Cross with Oak leaf replica(with ribbon packed in black box)

*A piece of real Focke Wulf!!! Approximately 2x3cm, with Certificate of Authenticity

Some candy, eh?
Very cool, I will deffinatly order that model.

The only thing that dissapoints me is the fact that the swaztika was removed from the Knights Cross. Come on now keep it real and historical!
DerAdler is right.The swaztika was really removed from the Knights Cross.That's a pity.But the kit is graat.:D
Not just that, but somehow the politically correct or somebody has been allowed to remove the Swastika from the vertical stabilizers of all model and most games. That is ridiculous. No matter how offensive it is to some , its STILL HISTORY and it cannot be changed. I for one, feel the need for authenticity no matter what. So its ok to show the Finnish Swastika but not the German one??? Thats just plain ignorant. It happened, get over it.

PS Where can I get that kit????:rolleyes:
Well, I read somewhere that in an European country (Germany ?) it is illegal to wear any military medal with a Swastika on...

I found the artical on Wikipedia...
Iron Cross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Iron Cross is solely a wartime decoration and has not been awarded since the end of the Second World War. German law prohibits the wearing of a swastika, so in 1957 the West German government authorized replacement Iron Crosses with an Oak Leaf Cluster in place of the swastika, similar to the Iron Crosses of 1813, 1870, and 1914, which could be worn by World War II Iron Cross recipients."

So may be they only did that to prevent any weirdo to sue the company.

**EDIT** : What's scale is it ? And how much did you pay for it ? It must have costed you an arm and a leg.

**EDIT** : Concerning the Swastika... Anyone else noticed that the year written on the cross is 1813. The IIIrd Reich wasn't even a thought in German heads back then... So no Swastika.
I just went on the Eduard web site... The kit is selling at $160 USD... $185 USD if you want the kit with a medal made with an original ribbon !

God damn ! I won't pay $160 USD ($178.45 CND) for two model kits in 1/48, a fake German medal and a piece of scratched metal ! I wouldn't pay more than $100 USD for such a kit.
It is only illegal to show the swatzika in public and events. You may have the swatzika in you possetion. Hell if you were to come to my house you would see about 100 different swatzikas on all of the uniforms, helmets, iron cross's and medals and equipment that I own because I am a collector.

If you go to German museums you will see swatzikas. A model is allowed to have a swatzika here in Germany as well.

I think they are just trying not to offend anyone.
Yeah pretty much. I mean dont take me wrong, it is illegal to display the swatzika, but they use common sense with it as well. Obviously if you fly a Nazi flag from your flag pole at your house or car or walk around in a Nazi Uniform you are going to be arrested.
Yeap I have been called that before because I have a room full of Uniforms, helmets, equipment and everything. It is my hobby as an amateur historian. I love collecting militaria especially Third Reich stuff.

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