Halifax and Liberator Bombers and Transports

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Jan 16, 2004
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Hello all! I am looking for information and pics on the Halifax and Liberators that were transports. I am interested in any info about medical transports. How meny litters they coud carry, that sort of thing. Any help would be nice.
I would Post up some Pictures I've found, but it would take up alot of Bandwidth, but I'll post you the Links 8)



I hope all of this helps 8) I struggled to find ANY Picture's of Halifax Transport, but I'll keep looking for ya :D

If you need more, you know where I am, M8 8)

Hot Space
Thanks Hot space. I will look over what you have dug up and I hope it dose help. I agree I have had a hard time finding Halifax transport pictures, but the surch will keep on, it is fun!
Thanks Hot spot. I wrote the other note first but was not signed in. I looked at the sites and found some good stuff on the B-24s and the C-87 type transports. It is hard even with all the stuff on the web, the liberator was just not marketed like the B-17. But I like it more. It was just more versital, like the Halifax.
Thanks for the Halifax stuff too, I had not found much on that. As for pics, they are rayer. If have tried to email the RAF costal comand, but that did not go anywhere.

Again thanks for the help. Also, any one elts want to coment on these two great but under loved workhoarse aircraft!!!!
To the Lancaster Kicks Ass: Thanks for the support of the B-24. Yes I would take it over the B-17 for range and payload. I even think that it was good for survivability even with its problums. I have some more info and some picks. But this is not the site for debate, unless we need to start now? The Halifax was a favorate RAF Heavy.
My Favorate RAF 4 engine bomber!! It was very adaptable glider tug, bomber coastal Comand, and transport for troops, paratroops, and cargo!! It dose not get the love or credit that it should from the general press.
For all of us few on this thread or to share with others, I have a question about nose art. I know that the USAAF painted up bombers and fighters with all sorts of images and names, to the point that the Air Corps was a little upset. But did the RAF have the same practice? If so are there any pictures?
So if you disagree with my opionion that the B-24 is a great bomber then what would you say to replace it? The Pe-8 or maybe the Halifax?

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