Halifax and Liberator Bombers and Transports

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C.C, both being online at the same time we talked over a few throeads, to get this fixed. But now the pic is in and you all have seen what site it is from as well probable.

Now a bit back to the topic, any one have thoughts on the Halifax? I think it was underrated and loved, like the B-24 ;)
Question did it ever have a venteril gun? I know the Lancaster did, but was removed when they went to all or mostly night ops.
From what I understand the Halifax wasn't that far behind the Lanc but the Lanc was definitely the better of the two. There were two different ventral defenses used on the Halifax from time to time. One was a remote turret with two .303s andd 500rpg. The other mount was a free-swinging .50 with 250rpg in what looked like a H2S radome.


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Lightening Guy, thanks. I had read about the H2S radar having a gun position, but the remote system I had not. I was just woundering about it. But have thought if they would have used a sparry or other manned turret. But the space night not work. Any thoughts on that? Nice pics thanks ;)
So far as I know, the Sperry ball turret was only used on American built planes. I don't know of any British bomber having a manned belly turret of any kind.
Lighting Guy, thanks. I hope to use this topic to get more info on the Libs and Halis that were overshadowed, by the other great bombers. These are in my opinion, the two overlooked four engine Heavies who were also very versital aircraft. Any thoughts on the use of Halifax as transports?

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