Happy BOT Day!

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Looks like it's the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar! Hope you have a good day, unless you're French or Spanish. Hey, wait a minute . . . my family came from France. Why you . . .
What's this a Continental European trying to take the light from Britain's remarkable victory? Well I never ...they never do that, do they? :rolleyes:

Yeah, happy anniversary - a great day, and a great victory.
Napolean was a great general however, there may be evidence that after Russia he suffered from problems. He left command at a crucial period in the Battle of Waterloo to General Nee (think that is how you spell it) his second in command who committed a brave cavalry charge which failed and then the battle went down-hill from there. The force that left Russia after that campaign was not the same force that went there, and Napolean and General Nee were not the same men either.

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