Hawker Fury I/II (please urgent)

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Bullo Loris

Senior Airman
Oct 14, 2006
Hi please, help me, If you have materials about Hawker Fury I/II please post it, tomorrow I will start make the kit of this plane, please If you have profiles, pictures, pictures with details,... about this plane post it.


Bullo Loris

My modell kit:

There some pics of Fury.
Source unknown.


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There is a link to Hawker Fury profiles.Also you should look at the forum Picture Album where you can find some of them too.

WINGS PALETTE - Hawker Fury - Great Britain

There are drawings.Source unknown.

Thanks so much Wurger, you know If there is a book about this plane? (the same editor of the W. book?), thanks an other time for all.

Bullo Loris
I stayed in touch with Bullo for long time. He stopped e-mailing me a couple of years ago. But he never mentioned what happened with the project. I hope some day he will get back us.

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