Hello everybody

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Aug 24, 2006
As my English is not yet very good I hope it won't be too painfull to read my posts. Of course don't hesitate to correct them, it'll be helpful.

So, I discovered your site a few weeks ago and I appreciate it. I can't say I'm a real fan of warbirds because fans know everything about their favorite topic. But the fact is I love warbirds. I really started to love them by playing the game IL2 and sequels and sometimes I want to learn more, that's the reason why I came here.

OK stop talking now, I wish you a good day.

Hey welcome. It's ok, we don't need to be all formal with English. They made us take a formal English test in our training, and believe it or not more guys failed that test than any other test. But then again, we are Marines, so maybe not so surprising!

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