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Jun 17, 2024
Greetings! My name is Alexander.

I am 22, and I have loved aviation since I was very young. This is partly due to my dad who also had an interest in it, and my mom who claims that I am a "reincarnation" of a past family member who really loved it. I have specifically liked military aviation since I was young, and this interest was mostly for WWII aviation. I grew up on the eastern front with IL-2 Great Battles Ace Expansion, and then IL-2 1946; the first theatre I truly developed an interest in on my own accord was the Pacific Theatre after playing Heroes of the Pacific on my PS2 in first grade. Over time my love of military aviation manifested itself into an interest in military history, and specifically for the 1900's (usually the first half) as it involved aviation.

Another major interest of mine is music. I like to sing, and I just graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Music Industry Studies. While in undergrad I studied music, in grad school I am (as of right now) looking at military history. This is not because I didn't like music, it's more so because I just have a diverse array of interests lol.

Anyway, this is a little about me. I am interested in meeting people here and discussing aviation! :D
Welcome to the forum from an old, dusty vocalist!


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