Hello everyone!

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Jun 3, 2005
New Britain,Ct
I stumbled upon this site totally by accident and loved it.Being a WWII aircraft fanatic this site rocks.Thanks to all who are responsible for putting together what I think is the best site for a WWII aircraft buff like me....D
Well, kick your shoes off and sit for awhile. I did that several months ago, now I'm having this chair surgically removed from my ass! ;) Seriously, there are a good group of folks here. Mind your Ps and Qs and you will get along fine.
I boarded this guy against the glass, and rang his bell.... Unfortunatly, I was off balance and we both fell bacwards, with him on top of me........


Thats all it took........ Hockey career???? Right down the shiiter..... I tried a comeback, but pffftttttt......... Too slow... Cant push off with the left leg.... Oh well......

Some have told me my life would make a good book... I think theyre all stoned.....

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