Hello, forum friends! I'm a newbie who loves vintage airplanes

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Mar 14, 2023
My knowledge of airplanes is limited to the game War Thunder. In the game, Bf109F feels very good, and it becomes clumsy when it reaches the G model (although it is faster).If the 109F can be equipped with the MW50 system to increase horsepower and speed, while providing the advantages of the F and G, (can the Bf109 be restored to its glory in 1941? )




You've come to the right place, kid. The first step in overcoming our problems is to admit we have them. And let's be honest. Playing War Thunder is a serious problem.
That being said, your question regarding MW50 has to consider timing. MW50 just wasn't ready in time for the Bf 109F. It wasn't ready until later variants of the DB605 handle the increased boost of the system.
There are plenty of gearheads here who can explain the finer details, but the gist is "there is no free lunch." Increased power means increased structure to absorb the stresses involved.
G'day mate and a warm welcome from way down south. I'm sure you'll find the answers you looking for as this sight is a mind of information. :D
I really missed good old games like Arma or Medal of Honor or even the early versions of Assassin's Creed and Call of duty series... Where you were just a simple player and not a "milioner".

Worst than those battle simulators, are the mobile games!!! They use fake animations and when you download the game, it's completely different with what is in the ads! The only game that used real photo and videos of game, was, and is, raid shadow legends. That game alone, was the reason to delete all other games and even some apps from my phone, and I never regret that.

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