hello from the netherlands

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Aug 7, 2006
my name is Rob van Dodewaard and I saw your site and was immediately interested in joining.
I live in The Netherlands in a little village called Strijen I am married and have four children.
I am interested in warbirds of the WW2 era as far as I can remember.
Probably it started with some parts of aircraft my father salvaged from crashed aircraft after the war I remember playing with some of them until they were broken.
I also remember some of the stories he told me about his experiences in the second world war.
He was one of the many men who were send to germany as forced labourers.

He had many stories some of them quite horrorable but one always catched my imagination his camp was nearby a german airfield and he witnessed several dog fights and airraids on this field and sometimes after a raid he and several other men( he was an carpenter) were ordered to clean up the field and make some repairs on the buildings. and the stories about airplanes he saw always intrigued me.

My hobbies are scale modeling of ( you guessed it) of ww2 aircraft in 1/48 scale visiting airshows whenever I can and searching in the dutch fields with an metal detector .
I hope to have a good time on this forum and wish every member very good health.
hey, no doubt you'll fit right in here, what we do suggest to new members is that you spend a while looking around, reading old threads to get an idea of how things work around here and to get to know some of us a little more, so what's your particular area of interest? The Netherland's involvement in the war? you wont need us to tell you about your contribution...........

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