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Dec 3, 2003
I was at a military show the other day, and purchased myself this lovely shell, but I don't know what kind it is. My grandpa says it looks like an ani-aircraft shell, but I'm not sure. any ideas?


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It looks similar to the WW2 Artillery Shells, we have that were used in Papua New Guinea. There is one that is used as a flower vase that has a similar neck on it. So maybe a practice Artillery round.
Ill go with you FBJ/Heal its a practice round but without dimensions its hard to say possibly a cannon round as it is waisted and has an ejector engaging channel
Yeah it also looks like the 20mm I have. Based on the dimension in comparison with the background stuff I would guess it is a 20mm also. Normally if you look at the bottom of the shell it will tell you the size of round.
That is a 20mmx102mm cartrigde ( being first number refered to bullet diameter and the second to case lenght) with a TP bullet (Target Practice)

Is not from WWII, but a little more modern, it was introduced for the Pontiac M-39 20 mm revolver gun used in the Northrop F-5 Tiger II.
then was used in the famous M-61 Vulcan, the M61 20mm cannon is a proven gun, having been the US military's close-in weapon of choice dating back to the 1950s. The F-104, F-105, later models of the F-106, F-111, F-4, B-58, all used the M61, as does the Air Force's F-15 , F-16 and F-22, and the Navy's F-14 and F/A-18. The internally mounted 20mm cannon system is common to all versions of the F-15. This system combines the widely used (F-4, F-16, F-18 ) M61 cannon with 940 rounds (A through D models) or 500 rounds (E model) of ammunition.
Even the very new F-22 Raptor have an internal M-61 :shock:

Also is used in some german and french guns.
Ok CB heres a few more for you :lol:
Name of shot and purpose questions 1-4 :lol:


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