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Jun 16, 2007
I know how to make skins and all, but when I'm done how do I get them to work?

what I mean by this is I'll put the skins in the correct folder and they won't show up in the game, do I need to save them some special way or something?
First of all the file should be a BMP or JPG type files.The early IL-2 games need 256 colours (8 BitsPerPixel) BMP files.Secondly size of it should be 1024X1024 or 512X512 pixels.I hope I helped a bit.
I tried it in both Windows Bitmap, Extened Bitmap, And jpg form but none seem to work, and it's 1024X1024. :(

Oh and if it matters I'm just useing a phto editing program.
Could you tell me what a program you use for editing?
And do you work with layers?
Nevermind, I got it too work. I just had to make it 8-bmp, it was being saved as 24 bmp. so the first comment did help, I figured it out afterwards, thanks.

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