I need some help with my Jet Campaign

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Oct 21, 2009
I need some constructive criticism from anyone who is interested.

Storyline for 1946 WWIII

Chapter one

January 23, 1946

Stalin's former allies have demobilized entire armies and have sent many of their armed forces home. The US and England have a fraction of their former forces stationed on the European mainland and have shown no backbone in resisting Soviet incursions. The only thing holding Stalin back from his vision of a communist Europe dominated by the USSR is the fear of the American nuclear bomb.

He has seen the devastation it has brought to the Empire of Japan. Although he has no doubt that his armed forces can storm through the blasted hulk of the former Germany and France he is held in check by the fear of nuclear destruction from the skies.

In addition his former allies are gathering far too many of the German scientists and their wonder weapons and stealing them away to work on even more destructive weapons and delivery systems. Comrade Stalin needs to create a buffer so that the motherland is never subject to attack again. His vision is that all future wars will be fought in the no mans land that is the former Nazi homeland and he is convinced that there will be more wars despite the American atomic bomb. It's all a matter of where and when these wars will be fought because Capitalism and Communism cannot occupy the same space.

Some say the second atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki was a demonstration for Stalin's benefit and to reinforce the power of the atom bomb in his mind. In addition it was to demonstrate that America has not only one but many bombs and is ready to use them. The plan has worked until today.

Today Stalin receives word through his spy master and massive network of agents that American has a total of only 6 nuclear bombs. Previously he believed that they had many more and this fear is the only thing that kept his ambitions in check. With this news the plan for the domination of Western Europe begins. No longer will the West be allowed to dictate it's will on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Stalin. He will once and for all remove the threat to Mother Russia.

A massive and very well concealed mobilization begins.

D-day is May 1st...International Workers Day...May Day and the May Day Parade in Berlin, East Germany is complete with the usual massive flybys of Soviet aircraft. There has been a change from previous flybys in Moscow. The aircraft are flying from East to West and in numbers never before seen. An awe inspiring sight for all to behold. And this year there is a bonus feature to the flyby... the aircraft are armed and have been given orders to ATTACK!

May 1st, 1946

The Soviet forces fan out from the Mayday Parade in Berlin and attack their former allies in West Berlin and in occupied West Germany. Most of our forces are caught off guard and slaughtered where they stand.
Chapter Two

May 6th, 1946
West Berlin falls

May 11th, 1946

Online Map 2 represents West Germany
Two missions
The Soviets onslaught continues with the newly formed NATO Alliance barley able to catch it's breath. 2 missions of trying to stop and protect fleeing NATO forces.

May 19th, 1946
Two missions
Online map 1 represents an area near the Belgium and German border.
Resistance starts to stiffen and the Soviets receive a bloody nose.

May 24th, 1946
Ardennes Map
Three missions
The French make an all out heroic stand and halt the Soviet forces for a few days. The Soviets halt and regroup before pushing on.

June 6th
NW Europe map
Four missions
The NATO strength starts to gather and newer equipment starts to show up on the battle field. The Soviet forces are actually held in check at a few crucial bridgeheads. Paris falls but the French fight on along with their NATO allies.

June 12
Normandy map
5 missions
The navy joins the fight and stops the Red Army at the shoreline using massive firepower from battleships and an air superiority battle breaks out over who will control the French coastline. A massive attempt by Soviet forces to destroy the NATO naval power preventing their ground forces from advancing are launched. The naval forces launch counter attacks on the Soviet airbases and ground forces.

July 9th
Online Map 4 represents the Spain/French border, The Pyrenees Line
8 missions
According to Plan Griddle envisioned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff ... this is the last line of resistance. The retreat is over and they shall not pass. The Soviet forces slam into the Pyrenees Line and try to hammer their way through.
Both sides pull out all the stops and use all their collective wonder weapons in an attempt to bring defeat to their opponent. Nothing is held back and anything that can fly, roll or crawl is put into the fight. The two heavy weights go toe to toe with no quarter given. Hay makers are thrown and damage is taken but there is no knock out blow.

August 7th, 1946

A breakthrough had occurred in atomic weapons technology by NATO scientists and the W-9 Artillery shell program is modified towards making a 1000 lb 15KT bomb. 4 of these bombs are produced at great expense. This bomb has the same destructive ability as "Fat Man" but 1/8th the size.

At the same time Naval aviation designers are modifying the GO 229 with the capability of being launched from an aircraft carrier and have the capability of delivering the new W-9 atomic bomb.

British MI-6 urges a desperate plan and NATO comes in through the back door of the Baltic and launches 2 GO 229s from the CV 10 USS Yorktown carrying modified W-9 atomic warheads.

Minsk and Warsaw no longer exist.

Both are key supply and rail hubs. As invisioned by MI-6, three Soviet armies are caught in transit. 2100 tanks and 250,000 men women and children are incinerated by two GO 229 stealth bombers sneaking in under the radar and two 15KT W-9 atomic warheads.

The first major Soviet offensive is halted and both sides dig in.
Is this for a 'What if?' build or what mate?

Ha :D. No it really happened this way. :p Just kidding.

Yes it's the ultimate "what if". I've always been fascinated with the idea that what would happen if Western Europe and the US went toe to toe with Stalin before the age of M.A.D.. Who would have won? Who's newest equipment was the best? What could those "wonder weapons" that the Germans created at the end of WWII really have done? Would they really have made a difference? etc.

You may remember an old Lucas game about Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. I loved that by game. So now I have finally become good enough at using the FMB in IL2 1946 and I am designing a massive campaign using as many of those wonder weapons as I can.

Jets, Jets and more Jets on a massive scale.

And i need help with it.

Chapter 3
The Soft Underbelly

September 7th, 1946
Crimea Map
5 missions
As envisioned in Plan Griddle the NATO bomber force is relocated to Egypt. On this day the first high level bombing mission occurs. The target is the oil production facilities surrounding Sevastopol. The plan is to obliterate by day and night the Soviet Unions ability to produce oil. 70% of the USSR oil supply and refining capacity are located within range of the new B29 bases in Egypt and new long range fighter bases in Turkey, Rhodes and Cyprus. The strategic air war begins.

The first attack is a daylight raid by B29s escorted by YP80 and ME262s. That same night a raid by B17s escorted by P51s and 109Z twin 109 long range fighter. The Soviets are caught off guard but respond quickly with a motley collection of B-6 and ME 163 rocket propelled interceptors, Yak 9Us and La-7s. Enough HE Lerche are scrapped together and along with their wire guided missiles start to prove devastating to the attacking bombers.

The attacks continue day and night.

Oct. 15th, 1946
Sevastopol disappears under an atomic mushroom cloud delivered by a B29.

Oct. 16th, 1946
Kuban map
5 missions
The strategic bombing campaign switches to the Kuban area.

Nov. 20th, 1946
Besberobia map
5 missions
The strategic bombing campaign switches to the Odessa area.

Nov. 26th, 1946
Online map 11a (Turkey) online Italy (Island of Cyprus) Guadalcanal (Rhodes)
5 missions
Soviets counter attack the forward fighter bases in Turkey, Rhodes and Cyprus.
No my plan is to divide up the wonder weapons based on possible need.

For example the US already had the YP80 and the bulk of the Germany former ME262 pilots so I've given the new NATO Allies those planes.

The Soviets are kind of late into the jets so one of their first tries was a La7R and the I250 before they got into their real additions the MiG 9 and the Yak 15. Both seem to be awful good by the way.

I figured the Soviets would be particularly interested in short range interceptors because of the huge American and British Strategic bomber fleet so I gave them the Me 163, their own B-6 and the Lerche. The Lerche is very devastating with those frigging wire guided rockets, in fact too devastating, so I had to have a plan to get rid of it as you will find out.

I gave the Go 229 to the allies as a kind of heavy fighter and Mosquito type medium bomber so the Soviets got the AR 234.

Eventually the NATO allies will get the TA183 because they have to win in the end don't they? That plane along with the wire guided rockets are probably the best fighter/interceptor in the game.

Here's the breakdown of the planed campaigns

You can choose to take part in several campaigns. In all of your campaigns you will get the toughest jobs and get to try out the newest equipment in combat.

The best fighter pilot in the American Army Air Force.
30 missions - Equipment includes
TA 183

The best ground attack pilot in the AAF
25 missions
DO 335

The best bomber pilot in the AAF
20 missions
GO 229

The best fighter pilot in the US Navy.
10 missions

The best dive bomber pilot in the US Navy.
4 missions

The best fighter pilot in the US Marines.
4 missions

The best fighter pilot in the RAF.
10 missions

The best ground attack pilot in the RAF.
DO 335

The best bomber pilot in the RAF.
10 missions
GO 229

Best fighter pilot in the French Air Force
5 missions
P63 King Cobra

Best ground attack pilot in the French Air Force
5 missions

The best German fighter pilot flying with The AAF
30 missions
FW 190
TA 152
ME 262
TA 183
109Z twin 109

The best German ground attack pilot flying for the AAF
25 missions
Ju 88
Do 335
Go 229

The best Soviet fighter pilot
40 missions
Yak 9U
La 7R
I 250
MiG 9
Yak 15

The best Soviet Ground attack pilot
30 Missions
IL 10
PE 2
PE 3
Yak 9T
Yak 9UT
Yak 9B
I just finished the opening video track. It shows a massive Soviet attacking force moving into position.
Chapter 4 The Mideast

March 5, 1947
NW Europe, Online map1, online map 2(simulates area within reach of NATO Tactical airpower)
3 missions
NATO's spy network notices a large transfer of Soviet forces away from the Pyrenees Line.
Interdiction missions against trains moving from France to Caucasas.

March 26th, 1947 (Turkey)
Online map 11a
1 mission
Soviets launch an overland assault on the bases in Turkey.

April 22nd, 1947
Italy online map (Palestine)
4 missions
Soviets launch and airborne assault on the Mideast. The NATO allies counter attack with naval forces.

May 5th, 1947
Desert online
5 missions
Soviets attempt to push their way across the Suez Canal. The NATO forces use naval and air forces in an all out defense. They draw a line in the sand.
The strategic bombing campaign is disrupted as the NATO forces hold on by their finger nails. The advanced fighter bases in Rhodes, Cyprus and Turkey are put out of commission by almost suicide bomber attacks using huge numbers of Pe-8 and Pe-3.
Thank you for the comments. Now here's your reward. :)

Chapter 5 Separating the Head from the Body

May 15th, 1947
Norway map
2 missions
NATO Amphibious fleet appears off of the coast of Norway

May 26th, 1947
NATO Amphibious fleet appears off of Trieste, Italy and quickly establishes a beach head. Italy's neutrality is negated.

June 2nd, 1947
Balaton map
2 missions
NATO forces move quickly into Hungry

Jun 9th, 1947
Murmansk map
2 missions
NATO invasion fleet appears off of Murmansk

June 9th, 1947
NATO liberates Sweden

June 9th, 1947
Desert online map
2 missions
NATO crosses the Suez and drives on Palestine.

June 9th, 1947
Slovakia map
2 missions
NATO moves east through Slovakia and Hungry

June 12th, 1947
Online Italy map
2 missions
NATO invasion fleet appears off of Beruit, Lebanon.

June 17th, 1947
Online map 4 (Pyrenees Line)
1 mission mainly made up of German/French/British forces try and breakout into France.
Soviet forces on the Pyrenees Line are cut off from supply by popular uprisings through out Western Europe

June 19th, 1947
Lvov Map
2 missions
NATO forces smash through Soviet defenses and enter the territory of the USSR in the Ukraine.

June 18th
online Italy map
4 missions
NATO liberates Palestine

June 20th, 1947
Online map 4
1 mission
NATO forces breakout of the Iberian Peninsula and race towards Paris and Berlin. Soviet forces try to stem the tide but have to fall back or be destroyed.

June 27th, 1947
Online map 2 (Central France)
2 missions
Soviets make a stand at a major river crossing.

June 19th, 1947
Gulf of Finland map
1 mission
Finland and Estonia are liberated.

June 30th, 1947
Norway map (Baltic Sea) and Kurland map
4 missions
An invasion fleet enters the Baltic sea and heads towards Riga and Soviet Naval and land forces strike with everything they've got left in the area.
It sounds fantastic..........have you started developing the camapign? Let me know what kind of help you looking for.

your latest date (June 30th, 1947) still shows the war raging on....

Just some interesting info.........

F-86 Sabre, first flew on 1 October 1947......lol

Thanks for the encouragement Eddie. Do you know much about IL2 1946 and the Full Mission Builder? What I need help with is developing missions in the FMB and then using them in the various campaigns.

Here is another installment.

Chapter 6
Start with the Body and Work Your Way Up to the Head

July 9th, 1947
Online 11a (Turkey)
2 missions
NATO regains it's bases in Turkey

August 8th, 1947
TBD map
NATO naval forces clear the way to enter the Black Sea. Istanbul is declared an open city. The door to the Black Sea is wide open.

August 10, 1947
Khalkhin Gol map
2 missions
NATO forces reach the Caucus Mountains and secure all areas in Turkey.

August 12th, 1947
Kuban map
4 missions
A NATO invasion fleet appears off of Krasnodar and goes toe to toe with a mix of Soviets forces that are thrown into the blender.

August 21, 1947

Defying Stalin's orders not to give an inch the Commanders of the Caucus Line see the danger they are in and pull back to save their forces from certain annihilation. They conduct a fighting retreat and slowly fall back to Stalingrad. They will make their stand at Stalingrad.

Stalin promises that the second battle of Stalingrad will be the turning point for this war just as it was during the last Patriotic War.

September 9th, 1947
Stalingrad map
6 missions
The NATO forces prepare to take Stalingrad from two directions. The Soviets dig in just like they did in 1942.

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