International projet’s team need help: Virtual Meeting

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    Our goal is to rebuild most of the famous meeting of warbirds in the world in il2 1946, with dedicated aircraft which are flying on them (skin) and environments (building), crowd


    Our project started past year with the French meeting of “la Ferté Alais” near Paris. During one year 20 people (French, Switzerlander, English) were working together. We released a free mod for ultra pack 2.1n all inclusive … it’s called Virtual Ferté Alais (VFA)

    Most of all, organization team of real meeting invited us to have a stand on real event: for 2 days, we had flying in live show still in order to relive the virtual meeting

    VFA pack 4.0 will be released in September 2010 you can see work on this picture and vidéo

    Our team in may on ferté alais ground:

    people showing our live

    Vidéo of the birth of map:


    Vidéo of comparing real and virtual plane:


    here is the link of vfa project have a ride ...

    So now our spirit is to do the same with all greatest wardbirds’ meeting: next one will be duxford and will be called Virtual Flying Legend and we really hope in 2011 we ll be both in la ferté and in duxford to show our hard work…

    To be successful, the project needs help… we are looking for

    A webmaster to take care of virtualmeeting: we need a plane database on sql and a website in php to show our work and also a phpbb forum

    Some map’s makers: for duxford, we should use 1/1 channel map to keep only 50x50 miles² then modify to be as closed as reality

    Some 3d makers: we have to create new building or modify to be as photorealistic as real model (restaurant , museum….) we also have to put some new static plane a jet always to be same as reality

    Some Skiners cause there is a lot of plane to take care in duxford…..

    Some serious online players: we are planned to do the next VFAT in December on VFA map and remaking the famous tora tora tora show … we need you to train ..

    Some videomaker:we have 4 hours of the past live show with interview of real pilot (b25) flying is own virtual plane escorting by virtual il2 pilot.. we need to diffuse properly. We also looking for a cameraman to diffused streaming for VFAT

    So if you can give a even a small help, you re all welcome. Sorry for my French English and mistakes in writen
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    Iteresting. Good luck with your project.

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