Hi-Res Images

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Jun 10, 2004
Knoxville, TN
I have a program that runs on my pc that changes the wallpaper every 5 minutes so I'm trying to get nice clean pics of planes and/or WWII in general. It's become quite a conversation piece when I go to our different offices.

I thought it would be cool if we could post website where you could visit to get good pics. I mean 800x600 at a minimum, not these little 220x190 pics that we see. Personally I don't have any good links, I've just been getting images from here and doing Google searches for what I have now.

What do you guys have?
Thorlifter what desktop changer do you use? I use one called "Wallpaper Changer". Hardly an original name but it works and changes the desktop every so often.
Mine is totally freeware, but anyway, must remember when I get home to recommend some good sites I use to find aircraft images...

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