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Oct 14, 2005

my name is Kulís (please pronounce as "Coolees"), I'm six years old, go to first grade and I'm a brother of Pisis. I cannot speak English very well (I take classes, so I'll hopefuly will) so my bro is my translator. :D

I enjoy making models, my brother said when I finish this one he'll buy me a new one in Tesco. I think my first model will be good.

Bye for now,
Hello Kulis your brother is very good at English but I have a feeling you will be better at making models than he is :lol:
I hope we can see a picture of your model when it is finished.
Thanks for the replies, I'll definitely post as much pictures as my model will go throught the phases of buidling. Tomoorrow I'm gonna past it corret it with putty.
Hi Kulis! Have a great time with your model!

Maybe you could build an L-29, I fly one once and awhile....

Good Luck!!!


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Thanks, he's already fell asleep... Joe, I know this photo but never have realised it's the Delfín... An amazing aircraft.

CC, ain't sure if the Grob Tutor is produced as a model...
That's it - and Pisis - got a surprise.....

My father-in-law and a good friend of his made it possible for me to fly this aircraft. I work part time with other people who own L-29s here in the US. We are hoping next year to take a trip to the Czech Republic to visit the Aero Vodochody factory. Maybe we could meet for a "Czech Beer!" Here are some other pictures - when Kulis wakes up, make sure you show him these!!


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Hi! :D

Thanks for all the replies. Thanks for the pix, FBJ, I used the first one as my current wallpaper... See:


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