HK 1/32 B25J "Meet Mirs Runyon"

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2nd Lieutenant
Nov 20, 2007
The first pic is just showing slosh wash of burnt umber as you can see I stopped at the landing light subtle is what I want then I dusted top and bottom some more and the whole plane has gone flat.The second and third pic again wings are not locked but the glass masking finally came off I need to polish the inside of the upper turret for some over-spray no biggee though.I dirtied up the front cowls flat the props and need to do more chipping on the L/wing that's the fun part with the silver underneath the edge of the blade so lightly.I hope you gents like it

Meet Mrs Runyon 003.JPG

Meet Mrs Runyon 004.JPG

Meet Mrs Runyon 005.JPG

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