Hollywood and the war movies....

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I agree that Red Tails is in 2nd only to Ben Afflick's POS movie.

I read where Tom Hanks said they tried as hard as they could to keep it realistic and only released each episode only after the vet's watched and approved of each one. He did say they had to condense some stories where other people did or said something and gave those lines to the "main character's" instead. It's probably as realistic as can be made.
Hollywood for you....

I remember the first time I saw Sands of Iwo Jima as a kid and was stunned when John Wayne was killed by a sniper.
I still think that "Memphis belle" from the 90s was a totally botched abortion. The only thing worse was some Italian version of the battle of Britain where the Germans were flying spits and the RAF used BF109s with really cheesy dialogue.
It's better at ask which Hollywood movies were realistically done. The list is much smaller.

I'd nominate Saving Private Ryan as possibly one of them. Not too many others, but there ARE a few.
Reviving an old thread...

It is too bad that this 1951 movie "Decision Before Dawn" is so little known these days. It is excellent in every respect and doesn't treat the audience as morons- explaining everything for them. The look and ambience are well chosen to reflect the conditions on the front in late 1944. The movie title is a poor choice, however. Watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pEfCo5uZLM The dialog is in English; there are faint subtitles but those are not distracting. Good movie- no digital graphics, no cheesy dialog. A good story, a good cast, well directed, well acted, and well photographed.

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