Hollywood and the war movies....

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Aug 21, 2006
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How many f*ck ups (big and small) have Hollywood produced, facts etc., in any war movie, not just WWII?
Far too many, when.....if considering Pearl Harbor and the likes war movies, when they're actually more like 'time I'll never get back movies' or chick flicks where some sort of a gun fight breaks out, they fit better in Horror than War in the DVD department in the shops....
War movies have NEVER been about war. Who would want to see a film about war. Also recall that half your audience is female. Any Hollywood film made around the time of WWII was propaganda plain and simple. The language used is a dead giveaway and often made by men who had never been in the service. John Wayne immediately comes to mind. His famous "Lock and Load" is backasswards. As the war ended and memories begain to fade we have the "Enemy was human too" movies or the "Righting old wrongs" movies like Tuskeegee Airmen.
Even so called newsreel footage was commonly staged.
In all fairness, there have been good movies that follow the reality as close as possible, but in the end, unless the movie is fully based on correspondent newsreel footage, there will be inacuracies and deviations from what really happened.

Even movies like Flags of our Fathers, Saving Private Ryan and Gettysburg had it's share of "Hollywood script drift"
Even movies like Flags of our Fathers, Saving Private Ryan and Gettysburg had it's share of "Hollywood script drift"

Is that like a fourwheel drift through a corner and out the history books, much like Hollywood can make wheels screech on a dirt road or grass.....(oh how I hate that!)..
......or hit another car and flip over?

I can tell from first-hand experience that when two cars hit at high-speed, there isn't explosions and vehicles hurling through the air, doing all sorts of interesting things.

From the point of impact, my Scion moved about 5 feet, turning sideways and the big Buick was knocked straight back about 12 feet. Just alot of debris and fluids leaking all over the road.

So in the movie world, this wreck would have been a huge yawn for the audience...
I liked Letters from Iwo Jima, it beats out Flags of our Fathers by far.

I say the worst war movie for me was Red Tails, I thought It was a comedy half the time I was watching it :D
It's better at ask which Hollywood movies were realistically done. The list is much smaller.

I'd nominate Saving Private Ryan as possibly one of them. Not too many others, but there ARE a few.
Having no first-hand knowledge myself, I'd nominate Band of Brothers and The Pacific as a couple of series that could still fit as pretty realistic.

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