Horten Ho X - the unbuilt design.

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I see. If youwould be interested in these you may try the Trumpeter or AK ones. They offer a couple of sets with such pipes of different diameter.



Also you may find the kind of tubes at the Amazon site ..


the source: Rurka mosiężna, 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm OD X 1mm Grubość ścianki 500mm Długość Rury okrągłe bez szwu (18mm) : Amazon.pl: Przemysł i nauka
Adhesive still stuck in the post.Anyhoo here it sits with its big bro' sans u/c.Decals are 1/72 so a bit small.I'm waiting for a response from Callie graphics re some 1/60 ones but no response as yet.


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Thanks for the 👍.

Callie can't do graphics at small scale,so ….is there anyone with a printer etc who would be willing to help me out?Much gratitude and reimbursement would be forthcoming.
Thanks.The nylon glue has arrived so I hope it will be on sat on its gear tomorrow
The zap worked ok,though my lack of depth perception makes for hard going.It was very tail heavy,so I poured some steel shot down its rear orifice and used a small magnet behind the nose wheel to keep it in place.
This one has been a learning curve,the next two in line should turn out better.I may have this one printed again next year.


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You are too kind sir!Not up to the standard of the greenest beginner on the forum,but I'm hoping to improve with the next attempt.

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