Horten XVIIIc

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A couple of coats of buff titanium acrylic.Unmasking next.


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It's turned out rather well,much cleaner the the green on green that I've used previously .A light rub down to remove the ridges and then matt varnish.And the red on the tail.
Does anyone else have problems with the keyboard?


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What the problem and what keyboard?
I'm using an iPad Pr.
I'm using an iPad Pro.
In the first line above the cursor left a space after the 'o'On any other keyboard I can backspace and put a full stop.If I do that here it erases the the last letter.
and it doesn't go to a capital after a return
It looks like it is a problem at your end. Check if your operating system is updated.
The u/c arrived.Mounted into the aforementioned wood blocks and then into the wheel wells.
Still awaiting the canopy and decals.


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